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Pescuigatore - Fish Curing Cabinets

Pesciugatore dries and smokes the fish by allowing you to reach the desired temperature and humidity in a short time. You select and prepare the fish, Pesciugatore gives you the finished product, safe and flavourful.





Pesciugatore® is the only guaranteed system, patented and 100% produced in Italy that reproduces a series of microclimates ideal for fish care.Pesciugatore® is built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel in the internal / external parts where contact with food is possible, allowing a use destined for food products. The door in AISI304 stainless steel (NO ALUMINUM) with large double glazing and key lock, allows use both in the laboratory, with the possibility of monitoring all the transformation phases, and in the sales area, as a showcase for the customer.

These cabinets transform fish into tender and tasty fish fillets. Pesciugatore is a patented system and is the only one that can guarantee high quality standards. It protects the fish safely according to tradition, with the possibility of flavouring salmon and trout meat, ensuring an exclusive product.





  • High quantities of high quality products sold at high prices.
  • Salami production transforms the original meat into a product of a higher value.
  • Safety, traditionalism, guaranteed quality and ease of use.
  • Free consultation to help transform the fish.
  • Guaranteed technical support nationwide.
  • 100% authentically made in Italy.

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