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The Charcoa grill is the ultimate in charcoal grilling and theatre style cooking – a truly unique product that is tailored to the customer’s specific needs and requirements.




CHARCOA: The Art of Charcoal Grilling


The Charcoa grill is the ultimate in charcoal grilling and theatre style cooking using solid lumpwood charcoal which allows for high cooking temperatures. Completely open at the front with high temperature glass doors under the grill to allow for extra visual enhancement.

Cooking over hot embers is one of the oldest cooking methods known. The Charcoa grill has perfected this to suit today’s needs with a controllable, user-friendly, modern design, manufactured to the highest standards, allowing for the rigours of heavy duty use.





The real "Wow factor" for your guests.


Designed to sit front of house for that extra “wow factor”, the grill cooks product quickly with that distinct barbeque taste. The grill plates are adjustable by the push of a button, with an under grill fan to assist lighting and to blow away ash, allowing for extra ember glow. The front doors are glazed in high-temperature safety glass, providing a stunning visual experience of charcoal cooking to the customer; this together with the aroma of charcoal-cooked food creates the ultimate in theatre cooking.




A traditional Spanish flavour, combined with first-class craftsmanship.



The grills are manufactured in the north-western region of Spain, in Galicia, near the capital province of Lugo. Perdro Lopez Garcia is owner and founder of Metal Pedrouzo who has specialised in the manufacture of charcoal grills since 1998. CHARCOA is a brand name created for the beautiful grills that White’s Foodservice Equipment supply to the UK market. Certain unique features and patented designs have allowed Pedro to be a first-class craftsman, helping him to create commercial, heavy-duty grills for the discerning user.




The Unique Charcoal Grill


The Charcoa can be freestanding or be built into a wall as a feature and can come supplied in stainless steel or colour co-ordinated to any chart reference. Various sizes available and now available with manual parilla wheel lifting system.

A standard range of grills and models are available, as is the ability to custom-make units to design, whilst retaining the key characteristics unique to Pedro.

Here are some of our very Charcoa happy customers.

Charcoa Gallery

Why not take a look at our videos below where you can see a range of Charcoa grills in action.